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Super Sun Belt Markets Phoenix and San Antonio Lead in Retail Demand

September 13, 2023


The retail sector remains a bright spot in the broader commercial real estate landscape, as healthy consumption patterns keep tenants in expansion mode. 


Home Economics: Does the Housing Market Impact Our Economic Growth?

September 13, 2023


“When the housing market is strong, typically economic growth is strong,” observes Randy Bury, who has more than 25 years’ experience

Seriously—Why Hasn’t the Housing Market
Crashed Yet?

September 13, 2023

Bigger Pocket

With sky-high property prices, mortgage rates the highest they’ve been in decades, and a good deal of economic uncertainty.

Banks Likely To 'Keep Retreating' From CRE Lending 6 Months After Silicon Valley Bank Failure

September 10, 2023


In the six months since the market-rocking failure of Silicon Valley Bank, commercial property lending has receded..

Deep Dive: Who's afraid of commercial real estate?

September 5, 2023

Pere News

With negative headlines stoking widespread concerns, managers are looking to contain the damage while investors strive to get clarity.

Income Analytics: Rising bankruptcy levels put income at risk

August 30, 2023

Pere News

At a time of dislocation in the capital markets, landlords should be focused on identifying tenants that have a higher probability of default…

AEW revises debt funding gap forecast to €93bn

August 30, 2023

Pere News

The manager has expanded the geographic scope and timeframe of its previous analysis in its latest estimate.

Warren Buffett’s Bet on Mild Florida Storm Season Faces Test With Hurricane Idalia

August 23, 2023

CoStar News

Berkshire has boosted exposure to Florida reinsurance market

Twin Cities Community Sells for $75M

August 28, 2023

Multi-housing News

Millennium Edina comprises 227 units, of which 11 are affordable.


Sales volume drops 76% YOY to $6B as cap rates hit 5%

August 29, 2023

Multifamily Dive

Transaction totals in July were also 53% below the $12.7 billion average during the five years before the pandemic, according to MSCI.

Financial Firms Relocation to the South Costs New York and California ~$2 Trillion in Assets

August 23, 2023

CoStar News

More Than 370 US Companies Have Moved Headquarters Since 2020, Report Finds


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